What is Slotomania?

Facebooks gaming platform attracts users, but is also dangerous and can lead to a kind of addiction.Slotomania is a simple slot game with great fun potential.
Slotomania is a game with casino flair and the brother of the slot game "Caeser Slots".The game is quite simple and as with all other slot games there is no need to study. It is also a free game of chance.

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► It stays free until you decide to buy more coins.

Facebook is one of the largest companies in the world. Year after year, the social network releases new features. For some years now, Facebook has even been giving players the chance to discover the multifaceted world of gaming. One of the most popular games is Slotomania. The popular slot is one of the most exciting on the net. However, there are also many critics who see the game as negative. Because there is the possibility to play with credits.

► Real or Fun?

However, it is not possible to win real money on the slot. In contrast to other online casino games, Slotomania does not offer the chance to win real money. Nevertheless, the game is quite dangerous and has similar addictive potential as the well-known online slots in Internet casinos.

Not only online slots are risky for players, but the gaming world of Facebook also poses an enormous risk of gambling addiction. Accordingly, users on Facebook should also be cautious and realize that when playing games, an addiction can occur. Despite the popularity of the slot, it also shows that the ratings on different portals are very poor. But of course there are a number of other games on the platform that may be more worthwhile.

► Who made it?

The game was developed by Playtika LTD. Playtika belongs to Caesers Entertainment, an American company that started as a provider for bingo. Meanwhile, the company organizes every year the World Series of Poker, which is one of the largest sporting events in the world, operates hotels, casinos, golf clubs and is even provider of various games of chance.
But now back to the construction. It resembles most other slot games very much. You choose a mode and play. In the game itself I can lose or multiply my bet. There are more than 140 game variations, most of them are based on saga themes. The individual game variants can be unlocked, just like Caesers Slots, by increasing the levels.
Different contests or features such as a collectable booklet not only help to get additional coins, but also make the game varied and increase the fun factor.

Don't spend Money

Do yourself a favor and don't spend money on coins. There are so many possibilities in this game to collect so many coins. This game and its developers have the interest to keep their players and therefore the game is programmed to reach coins well.

Playing with Brains.

First of all, it is and remains a game of chance. I can't actively influence the outcome of the "Spinens" with anything. But what you can do is play with a little system and brains. If you now have 10,000 coins and you bet your bets so that you bet 1000 coins per round should be clear to everyone that this fun does not last too long. So don't get carried away by big hopes and play with your mind.

Collect Free Bonuses.

Every 4 hours you get a free bonus. After every 5 bonuses you get a "free spin" which gives you a nice amount of coins not to be missed. For all Smartphone players should be quite interesting that you absolutely collect these bonuses only in a stable W-Lan. If the game crashes (resulting in a missing network), your items will not count correctly for your account.

Different Devices

A real secret tip is the option to play this game on different devices at the same time. This means, if you want to make levels, grab your mobile phone, your tablet and your laptop and play the game on all three devices to level faster.

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